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T-LUX Design Brings Glamour to Granola, Winning Acclaim while Promoting Green Living.

Recently featured at #3 in ELLE magazine’s 2008 Green Awards, a canvas bag sporting a design by T-LUX Design has become the symbol for Britain’s first Plastic Bag Free Town. The issue has gained international exposure for Modbury, England, and has captured headlines this week as Los Angeles became the most recent city to ban single-use plastic bags. By focusing on eco-initiatives like this one, T-LUX Design merges green living with cutting-edge style.

Los Angeles, CA, July 25, 2008: When it comes to the environment, Los Angeles-based T-LUX Design’s work adds a touch of glamour to a movement more often associated with granola. That work now includes an issue that has captured headlines of late: single-use plastic bags.

Last year, while filming the BBC documentary Message in the Waves about the plastic choking the Midway Atoll, wildlife filmmaker Rebecca Hosking had a vision: remake her hometown of Modbury, England into a plastic bag-free town. To help her achieve this vision, Hosking tapped T-LUX Design and collaborative partner The V Dimension, to illustrate and design the alternative canvas bags that have become the symbol of a plastic-free future in Britain. The initiative also earned Hosking the #3 spot in Elle magazine’s 2008 Green Awards, which recognized the most impactful green efforts of the year.

The awards also highlighted efforts by some of the world’s best-known people. Brad Pitt topped the list for his Make it Right project, dedicated to building green homes for 150 residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Stella McCartney was recognized for her eco-friendly fashion and beauty products, while father Paul made the list for his outspokenness on the benefits of vegetarianism. Winners were decided by Laurie David, producer of An Inconvenient Truth and founder of the Stop Global Warming Virtual March. The magazine printed photos of each winner, including one of Hosking holding the T-LUX designed bag.

T-LUX Design Creative Director, Tiffany Davis-Rustam, led T-LUX’s efforts to create a graphic identity and illustration for the bag. “Developing a strong, artistic visual identity is so important for any big initiative like this, to unite the community in action, and to target emotional connections,” said Davis-Rustam. “Modbury’s plastic bag-free initiative is so successful, influential, and impactful in part because Rebecca realized the importance of developing a strong graphic design identity for the reusable bags, putting a refreshingly positive spin on boycotting plastic alternatives.”

Led by cities like Modbury, as well as environmentally-progressive San Francisco, many cities are now pursuing ways to ban plastic bags. This week, Los Angeles proposed its own ban, which will eliminate the free distribution of single-use plastic bags by 2010. In Europe, Modbury’s example has spurred over 120 towns in the UK to follow suit, including London.

Though eliminating plastic bags is just a start, the visibility of the issue has contributed to a broader awareness of the use of disposables in consumer-based cultures. This awareness is spreading to include other products and issues, from plastic baby bottles to organic food, influencing millions of choices made every day. Together, these choices make a big difference.

To continue to advance this shift, T-LUX and The V Dimension have teamed up for a variety of eco-aware design projects, including design of the Message in the Waves website, as well as Pacific Whale Foundation’s Eco-Cruise website. Individually, The V Dimension has launched Hawaii’s first Plastic Bag Free Town initiative in Paia, Maui, while T-LUX continues to design for many green companies, including Kelly Green Design & Home, AbOvo Natural Skin Care, and ‘Licious Dishes, a vegan meal delivery service.

“We specialize in getting these kinds of eco-sustainable initiatives and companies noticed, positioning them to achieve their goals with smart branding identities, advertising, websites, and other collateral material,” said Davis-Rustam. “We also dig deep to find the greenest resources and design options for businesses, organizations, and communities that want to show their commitment to the future.

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American Graphic Design Award
February, 2010

T-Lux Design receives an award from Graphic Design USA for the cover design of "The Green Office Handbook".


T-Lux Eco-Design
July 31, 2009

T-Lux Eco-Design is a Los Angeles, CA-based graphic design firm newly dedicated to "going green". T-Lux was founded in 2005 (and currently led by) Tiffany Davis-Rustam, who works her passion for the environment into her design business through print/web outcomes for companies that are green and those that dream to be.

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Tiffany Davis-Rustam, founder of T-LUX Design, discusses saving the environment and green fashion.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Apr. 18, 2008)—Last night Taryn Rose International celebrated the release of its eco-friendly footwear line, Verde, with an event held, aptly enough, at an eco-friendly house. Hosted by Elle West Coast editor Lilah Schechner, guests could view and purchase the season’s footwear and handbag collection while dining on organic hors d’oeuvres and sipping organic juices. A percentage of the evening’s proceeds were donated to Global Green USA and Enterprise Community for their environmental efforts.

Guest Tiffany Davis-Rustam, a local eco-friendly graphic designer, took advantage of the free make-up tips being offered by Organic Wear, a line of organic cosmetics by Physicians Formula. She believes that everyone can do their part to help save the planet and one way to do that is from the ground up. “It’s pretty great. More shoes need to take that stance,” she says of the Verde line. “Everyone needs to start making those choices.” Davis-Rustam herself researches the ways she can help the environment, such as using recycled paper and vegetable-based inks.

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T- LUX Design Brings Glamour to Granola, Winning Acclaim while Promoting Green Living

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